She could run but she couldn’t hide - Sha’Carri Richardson

By now you’ve heard the news about Sha’Carri Richardson the American 100 meter Olympics qualifier for the 2021 Tokyo games. 

The ugly truth is that she is a prime example of what happens when inner traumas aren't dealt with and why inner work is necessary.   

If you haven’t heard, she’s been outed for testing positive for marijuana  … but most importantly is why. She states it was because she was dealing with a lot of pain after recently losing her mother. 

Horrible isn’t it?


And now she will most the official 100 meter sprint race she has been preparing her whole life for due to self sabotage and improperly dealt with trauma. 

No I am not victim shaming her. No I am not against pot. But I am pro healing and pro getting out of your own way. 

Had the Olympics committee been well versed on mental, emotional & spiritual health … she might have been able to stay out of her own way. 

Let this be a cautionary tale.


You can run, ignore or try to numb the pain but ultimately it will catch up with you at the worst possible time ready to either snatch your dreams away or detour you in some kind of way. 


Mental health, self love and healing are necessary preventative measures. 

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-The ugly truth by The Unique Shanique & I’m complete.